Saturday, November 09, 2013

How to...Make Personalized Rustic Chalkboard Programs or Seating Charts!

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** Warning - I'm about to talk about our wedding!  If that's not your thing you might just want to skip right over this post and come back next time!

I haven't really told you much about our wedding other than that it happened! It was very much a DIY affair, which I loved and which saved us quite a few pennies! One of the projects I got the most questions about were our chalkboard signs:

Photo credit: KJP Photography
Photo credit: KJP Photography

I knew I wanted chalkboards, but I also knew I lacked any real artistic skill to free hand that kind of thing.  I was also terrified they would get all smudged in transport.  No one needs that kind of stress when setting up their wedding day! Taking all that into consideration I decided to see if I could make a digital version that would look like a chalkboard but without all the trouble of being an actual chalkboard!  Here's what I came up with (these instructions assume you know some computer basics...if you don't...ummm youtube?):

First, gather your materials:

Download a chalkboard background
Get yourself a collection of fun chalk-y fonts.  Some of my favourites:
Pea Ellie Bellie
Eraser Dust
Return to Sender
Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded
Download this photoshop brush set to get the little hearts (optional)
Spray adhesive
A thin board from the hardware store cut to whatever size your print out is going to be

1) Open some type of photo editing software.  I used Photoshop but you could probably do something similar with Paint or even PowerPoint.  Open the chalkboard background.
2) Use your fancy new fonts to type out your words.  You can make the design as simple or complex as you like!
3) If you're using Photoshop, use the brush tool to stamp on your hearts with the brush you downloaded.
4) Save. Very Important!
5) Send to any printing company.  You just want it on matte, regular,old cheapy paper but big - like 24x36-ish.
6) Spray your board with the adhesive, wait 1 minute then carefully place the print out onto the board.  Smooth out any bubbles with a rolling pin and that's it!  You now have a faux chalkboard!!  No smudgies!

Have fun!

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