Good Stuff!

A recipe is only as good as its ingredients.  Everyone has their favourites and these are mine!  If you don't like're wrong.  A recipe containing any of these is almost guaranteed to be good....except maybe if they were all mixed together into some sort of Franken-casserole. That would probably be gross.

Avocado - It's soft and creamy and full of heart healthy monounsaturated fats.  Mix it with an acid to slow the browning.

Mango - Sweet enough to be a dessert all on it's own and also an awesome source of vitamin A.  Try it in combo with the avocado.  So good...

Cilantro - People either love or hate this one.  It definitely has a strong flavour.  I use it in anything Mexican or Indian inspired.  Thai too...ok I use it a lot.  

Basil - Herbs are about a million times better when they're fresh.  The dried ones have lost most of their flavour.  If you've never tried real fresh basil do it.  Put it in salads, pasta sauce or even just on a grilled mozzarella sandwich!

Sweet Potato - The only people I know that don't  like these are the ones who keep trying to make them taste like regular boring potatoes.  Don't do that.  These are so much better.  I like them baked, roasted, grilled, in chili, in quesadillas etc etc etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Plus they're super good for you - full of vitamin A and fibre.  They're definitely worth a try.

Walnuts - I love nuts in general but theres something about the texture and flavour of these that make them the best.  Use in salads, to top pasta dishes or just on their own as a snack.  These are another food full of heart health monounsaturated fats too. Mmmm MUFAs. 

Arugula - This has a strong peppery flavour that I love in a salad or on a sandwich.  You can use it almost anywhere you use spinach.  Its nice and dark green so it's full of vitamin C, folate and vitamin K.  Does vitamin K sound made up to you?  Dawson thinks so...

Garlic - Garlic is a food staple.  You have to use the fresh stuff though.  None of that frozen crap or stuff from a jar.  The real stuff tastes better and is better for you.  Garlic is good for the heart and has anti-cancer and anti-infectious properties! Plus it tastes awesome...

Onions - Everything I just said about garlic also applies to onions.  I put them in everything.  They add a ton of flavour.  

Spicy Italian Sausage - This is delicious bbq'd on a bun or sauteed into a pasta dish.  Its spicy and fennel-y and wonderful.  Not much in the way of good nutrition but umm...everything in moderation right?!

Squashes of all kinds! - In the fall there's nothing better than a good squash soup,  pie or pasta dish.  These are even good all on their own as a side dish.  Mmm, roasted squash.  Is it fall yet?

Brie - Creamy, smooth and mild.  I like this cheese best just on a platter with a baguette.  No cooking required. 

Blue Cheese - Not at all mild, a good blue cheese used in moderation is amazing.  Try it crumbled in a salad or on a burger...just don't over do it - this stuff is powerful!

Aged Cheddar - Kind of like the blue cheese, a little of this stuff goes a long way! It's sharp flavoured and hard and is reeaalllyy good in a grilled cheese!

Chipotle Pepper - These are smoked jalapeno peppers usually sold in a can with adobo sauce.  Warning - these are spicy!!! Only use 1 or 2...unless you're a masochist...then use the whole can.

Natural Peanut Butter - I must admit - I am a peanut butter addict. I would eat the stuff out of the jar with a spoon if I didn't know how many calories were in each tablespoon!  The natural stuff is the best.  The oil separates out though so you need to stir it well when you first open it.  
Prosciutto - Mmm salty.  I like this about 10000000 better than bacon.  You can  put in in sandwiches, wrap it around fish or meat, cook it up and crumble it in salads...the delicious possibilities are endless!

Eggs - They're simple, cheap and totally versatile!  We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner around here!

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