I'm Kristy!  30 years-old, Canadian, 5'7'', and blonde with blue-green eyes.  I have a brother, a mom, a dad, two cats and a giant dog.  I like to cook, make up recipes and otherwise play with my food.

<---This is me with Dawson a.k.a. my husband a.k.a.the greatest, most patient, tolerant man ever.  We're in love.  We're in that silly, make googly eyes at each other kind of love.  Ridiculously and hopelessly in love.  We sometimes spend our Saturdays at home in our pjs watching cartoons while drinking champagne.  Sometimes there is cheese involved.   This is our life.

We live in Carleton Place, Ontario.  I wish I could say it was in a cute little house with a yard and an awesome kitchen, but then I'd be a big liar.  Update:  we now totally live in a cute little house with a yard and an awesome kitchen! Thank god I finally finished school and got real job making dream house/yard/kitchen combo a reality.   There you have it kids - dreams do come true!

I am currently employed as a Registered Dietitian.  Wow.  It's about time!  9.5 years of post-secondary school have finally paid off!  I finally have a job I love!

In my other, non-food related life I am a Zumba instructor.  Basically, this gives me an excuse to dance around like a fool, laugh and have a whole classroom of people follow right along with me.  I like to be silly and have a good time :)

I am not a perfectionist.  I make up my own words, measure things in the palm of my hand, give directions like "cook until they look wimpy". This might drive you crazy or it might force you to loosen up a little in the kitchen!  It's just dinner.  You don't have to be perfect.  Cooking should be fun!  Relax and be a little crazy - there's no denying that I do!

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