Saturday, June 26, 2010

Episode 3 - Brunch of Deliciosity...and Love

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The Bunch of Deliciousity...and Love. aka The Anniversary Brunch

What better way to celebrate two fantastic years with a fantastic man than this incredible brunch.  Screw fancy restaurant dinners with their $40 entrees.  I'll take a celebration in my pjs any day!

Ciabatta Buns with Melted Brie Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs

2 Ciabatta Buns or plain old english muffins
4 pieces brie
¼ cup Arugula
4 pieces smoked salmon
4 poached eggs
2 tsp capers

Melt brie on the ciabatta buns under the broiler then pile everything else on top! Mmmm!

Mixed Fruit Salad

½ Canteloupe
½ cup Strawberries
2 Kiwis
1 Banana

Chop then mix together in a bowl. Make it look pretty on the plate.


1 part Orange juice
1 part Sparkling Wine

Mix in champagne glasses.

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