Monday, April 18, 2011

Episode 31 - Leftovers R' Us

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a.k.a. Buffalo-Blue Mac n Cheese!
A few nights ago Dawson and I made this recipe from Rachael Ray: .  Well actually, we skipped the chili fries, but in any case if you try this recipe (which I highly recommend you do because it's delicious) you will very quickly realize that it makes an astronomically large amount of the blue cheese gravy.  This recipe makes enough gravy to absolutely smother about 12 burgers, let alone the 4 it says the recipe makes.  Now, if theres anything I hate, it's wasting food...especially when that food contains an $8 wedge of Gorgonzola! I'm a student.  I can't afford to throw delicious cheese products away.  Hence today's lunch creation was born!  I'm writing the original measurements to the sauce recipe here but be aware that this is A LOT of sauce.  We made 4 burgers, which we coated generously with this sauce and I STILL have more in the fridge after making this dish for lunch today.

Blue Cheese Sauce (stolen from Rachael Ray)
3 tbsp margarine
3 tbsp flour
3 cups of 1% milk
1 cup blue cheese (Whatever type you like.  I am a gorgonzola fan)
Pepper, to taste

To make the sauce, melt the margarine in a sauce pan over medium heat.  Add the flour and wisk to make a paste-y roux.  Cook for 2 minutes then wisk in the milk.  Continue to cook until it thickens then melt in your cheese little by little until you get a nice smooth sauce.  Season with the pepper et voila!  Just a note - don't get impatient and try to add the cheese before the milk thickens - it'll never smooth out and you'll be left with chunky, separated sauce.  It's gross.  Trust me...not that I'm ever impatient or anything...

1 cup Whole-wheat Pasta, I used mini shells
Franks Red Hot Sauce1-3 tbsp depending on how hot you  like it!

This part is easy- cook your pasta, drain it, then toss with some blue cheese sauce and hot sauce!  Delish!

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