Saturday, July 16, 2011

Episode 41 - Where I Eat

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As shocking as it may be, there are days when even I don't feel like cooking.  On those days when the fridge is bare, the grocery stores are too much of a hassle and I'm just generally a lazy butt I like to go out and have someone else cook my dinner.  If you ask me, these are some of the very best places to stuff yourself silly!

Bally Giblin's - Carleton Place, Ontario

This place is amazing for a few reasons - 1) It uses local, seasonal ingredients from farms around Carleton Place, 2) The menu changes regularly and always has something new and delicious sounding to try (the desserts are made fresh and change daily!) and 3) It's 2 minutes from our house.  Awesome.  I also love this place because it somehow manages to be both a "special occasion" location and just a place to get an awesome burger and a beer (even the beer is from local breweries!).  Give it a try!

Favourite Dishes - Any of the burgers, cedar plank brie, Chipotle Chocolate Cake

The Good Food Company - Carleton Place, Ontario

Just a few doors down Bridge Street from Bally's is this adorable little place! Apart from having what is probably the best name ever, this place also has some pretty delicious dishes!  Like Bally's, they also use locally sourced ingredients and change their menu seasonally.  They bake all their desserts and breads fresh and always have an awesome selection of cool deli salads to try!  I'm pretty sure that if I were to open a restaurant it would be just like this place - cute, cozy (there are only 6 or 7 tables!) and only open for breakfast and lunch.  I recommend trying out their Sunday brunch!  Call ahead though - this place fills up quickly!

Favourite Dish - Springtime Grilled Cheese, Huevos Rancheros and pretty much any deli salad!

Louisiannies - Stittsville, Ontario

If you like cajun food this is a must try!  We've only been once but believe me, it was incredible!  The decor is simple, casual and a lot of fun!  The night we went there was also a live band playing the blues to accompany my dinner - probably the best jambalaya ever!  Spicy and fresh the food here is well worth the drive out to Stittsville!

Favourite dish - Jambalaya

Phnom Penh - Kanata, Ontario

This place is, without a doubt the best Thai/ Cambodian food in Ottawa!  I first fell in love with all of these dishes when living a 10 minute walk from the original Phnom Penh restaurant in Kingston, Ontario.  Needless to say, moving home and away from the source of my Thai food addiction was a little heart breaking, so discovering that they were opening a second location right in my hometown was probably one of the greatest moments of my life!  Always perfectly spiced and deliciously sauce-y every single curry on the menu is good!  Be adventurous and try something new!

Favourite Dishes - Golden Chicken, Phenom Penh Soup (VERY spicy!) and Thai Style Chicken and Shrimp

MHK Sushi - Nepean, Ontario

It's no secret that I LOVE sushi. love.  It's probably my favourite food.  Within the last few years, tons of sushi places have popped up all over Ottawa but this one was here and serving me first!  They are also far and away the best sushi I've had.  This place is so good that I actually still have their phone number stored in my cell phone!  Their rolls are different than any other place I've been and are plated so intricately that they're almost too pretty to eat!  The prices are high here compared to other (lower quality) sushi places around, but believe me, it's worth it.  If you aren't up for paying premium prices per roll, they now also offer a more reasonably priced (but also more restricted) all you-can-eat menu that's also pretty good.

Favourite Dishes - Spicy Kiss Roll, Dancing Eel Roll, Hawaiian Roll

So, that pretty much wraps up this volume of "Where I Eat".  I'm sure I'll do another one of these sometime after I've explored a few more menus!  If you have any favourite restaurants in the area feel free to tell me about them!  I love trying new places!

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