Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Episode 42 - Wine and Cheese...and Ice Cream

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We moved this weekend.  Moving pretty much sucks.  You cram your possessions into old cardboard boxes, lug them upstairs, downstairs and around the city (on the hottest day of the summer if you’re us) and then have to unpack everything before you can start functioning like a normal human again.  “Where did you pack my toothbrush?”, “Have you seen the screwdriver?”, “Where are my socks?”.  It’s all very confusing.  Don’t even get me started on the disassembly/assembly of furniture!  Ugh.   Have I mentioned that I have moved 9 times in the last 9 years?  Yeah.  That’s a lot.

In any case, moving does kinda force you to do some fun things food-wise.   When all of your dishes ,utensils and pots and pans are packed and you have no hope of cooking anything you get to do what we did last night: buy yourself a baguette, some fancy cheeses (Camembert and 2-year aged cheddar for us!), a cured meat (chorizo) and feast.  A bottle or two of wine is also a nice addition.  It also makes the unpacking/assembly process a little more fun! 

Finally, when you’re about to call it quits for the night you can plop yourselves down on your newly assembled bed and gorge yourselves on ice cream...straight out of the container...with a fork (it was the only non-knife utensil we could find).   If you just dragged a queen size mattress and 3 dressers out of one house and into another you can afford (and have earned!) the extra calories.  While I’m discussing the ice cream – OHMYGODBESTEVER – President’s Choice Pink Lemonade Ice Cream.  You need to try it.  NEED to.  It just might be my favourite ice cream ever.   Try it... you'll love it!


Jessica said...

Kristy... it is a sad day when I have to find out about your life from a blog (and when we are in the same province, cuz when I'm in BC I will allow life updates in blog format). Nevertheless Rob answered all my questions over the weekend.

And I'm loving everything about the food in the post, especially the 2 year old aged cheddar!

Kristy said...

I agree. In person chat required. Possibly over garishly over-sopped burgers and milkshakes served in measuring cups?

ps aged cheddar is a kitchen staple for us. One must always have delicious cheese in the refrigerator.

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