Monday, August 01, 2011

Episode 43 - In which Kristy gets fat.

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Its a bad thing when your boyfriend goes away from the weekend and you use it as an excuse not to cook and to eat take-out from the Vietnamese place down the street.  It is also probably a bad idea to spend your entire night after work curled up like a house cat in your giant empty bed reading rather than taking the poor dog out for a run.  Lastly, just because he's not around doesn't mean you should sleep in every morning thinking that since you won't have to orchestrate your morning "make myself look human again" routine around his "brush my teeth and voila, I'm gorgeous" routine that you can afford to hit the snooze a few more times.  This will only make you late for work and eliminate any chance that you'll go into the kitchen to pack a lunch to avoid having to dine in the *gasp* mall food court.  All of these things are bad because they will cause you to gain 5 pounds in 1 weekend.  Hopefully Dawson still recognizes me with this newly explanded bum I am now sporting.  Ugghhhhhh.

On another note, when your boyfriend goes camping with his buddies and one of them posts a Facebook status pertaining to their trip so far and how it's "like 911 X 100" it's ok to worry, right?

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