Thursday, August 11, 2011

Episode 45 - How to have a turkey dinner when in the wilderness!

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So, we just got home from our long awaited camping trip in Algonquin Park!  It was wonderfully relaxing and I only saw one snake!  Yay!  The one I saw was HUGE though -I'm convinced it was some type of garter snake/cobra hybrid -so maybe I should count it as 1.5 snakes...whatever.  I got to try out a new camping recipe    As usual, I required dinners that were easy to transport/carry, quick to prepare and generally tasty! This is what I came up with!!  Mmmm turkey dinner!

1 lb dehydrated, cooked, ground turkey meat
1 envelope of turkey gravy, the "just add water" kind
1/2 box of dehydrated stuffing
1/2 package of  instant mashed potatoes, any flavour you like. (Bring the whole package though, I'll tell you about my delicious breakfast concoction in an episode coming soon!)

Start by soaking your meat in whatever amount of water the gravy says it requires to cook plus about 1/4 cup.  Let it sit for 30-60 mins just to let it soften up a little.  When its starting to soften, add the gravy mixture and start heating the whole mixture to a boil.  After it starts to boil, reduce the heat to a simmer and the gravy should start to thicken nicely.  Set aside.
For the stuffing, cook according to the package directions remembering to reduce volumes by half since you are only using half of the box.  Ditto for the mashed potatoes.

Now, you can either put each ingredient onto a plate separately like we did or be really fancy and layer it into a Shepherds Pie kinda deal-y.  Potato, meat then stuffing.  Delicious!

After!  Mmmmmm camping food!

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