Saturday, August 13, 2011

Episode 46 - Hungry Camper's Breakfast!

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As promised, this is the recipe that uses up the rest of those instant mashed potatoes from the Camp-Style Turkey Dinner!  This isn't an especially pretty meal but it is hearty, warm and delicious!  Actually, I would probably eat this at home too!

2 servings instant mashed potato
4 eggs
4 slices peameal bacon, cooked
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese

First, make the potatoes according to the package directions.  Set them aside (in 2 separate bowls) then cook the eggs.  I recommend sunny side up but over easy would work too.  Mostly you just want delicious runny yolk to get all over everything in your finished bowl, so don't over cook the eggs!  Slide the finished eggs over the mashed potatoes in the bowls (2 eggs per bowl).  Finally, slice the peameal up into thin slices, toss it into the pan quickly just to heat it through then divide that up between the bowls too.  Serve!  The best way to eat this is to slice up the eggs and just mix everything together into a crazy, delicious breakfast mash.  Not pretty - but delicious!

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