Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Episode 50 - You Might Make Friends With This Salad!

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I've been kinda into salads lately.  I think it must be due to my body clinging to the last remnants of summer before it gets plunged into the cold, desolate Canadian Winter.  Must. Eat. All. Available. Produce.

So, I know Bart Simpson says you can't make friends with salad, but clearly a) he's never tried mine and b) he's a 10 year-old cartoon deliquent!  Why are you taking his advice?!
In any case, since I have so much free time this week, I'm taking it as the perfect opportunity to make myself some green lunchtime goodness. Give it a try!

Green Lunchtime Goodness - The Monday Edition

2 cups spring mix
1/2 avocado, diced
2 slices prosciutto, cut into smaller strips
6 grape tomatoes, sliced
a few sprinkles of goat cheese
poppy seed  dressing , I used Renee's brand

Toss everything in a bowl and voila - lunch.  When I started making this salad I was thinking along the lines of a BLT only classier.  Prosciutto instead of bacon, goat cheese instead of that crappy plastic-y "cheddar" restaurants always use, and then some avocado...because I'm obsessed with avocado.  It was tasty and just the right amount of filling for a lunch!

Green Lunchtime Goodness - The Tuesday Edition

Picture perfect!  I would eat this everyday!
2 cups baby arugula
2 figs, sliced
8 grape tomatoes, sliced
a few sprinkles of goat cheese
a sprinkling of walnuts
balsamic vinagrette

Again - toss everything in a bowl - lunch is served!  This salad follows my basic "salad making formula" - greens, something sweet, something crunchy and cheese.  90% of the salads I make follow this kind of formula.  My something sweet is more traditionally some type of berry but then I saw this last week and was inspired to try figs.  I have to confess that before making this salad I had never, ever tried a fig and I was curious.  After trying them, my taste buds say "Yum, you need to eat these in every salad you make from now until eternity" and my wallet says "ouch, $3.99 for 2 figs?!".  I think I'll have to compromise and save these for days when I'm feeling extravagant.  Try them, though.  At least once!

ps.  I've discovered posting funny little clips of my life is fun!  Dawson didn't even kill me for putting up the fishy face one! What a great guy :)  I am so lucky.

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