Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Episode 69 - Time Out

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Oh, hello Internet! Meet my newest sandwich friend:
Isn't he beautiful?

His name is Morning Manwich and he was introduced to me by Dawson this past Sunday afternoon.  The encounter happened like this:

The power was out all over Carleton Place on Sunday morning and so obviously we took the lack of electricity as the perfect excuse to stay warm and cuddled in bed until noon.  Noon!  Oh, Internet, it was glorious. Dawson was allll mine for the spooning.  The only downside- by the time we dragged our butts out of bed we were starving -when you're used to breakfast at 6am, noon is a bit of a stretch.  Enter Dawson and Morning Manwich to save the day.  This sandwich is probably the most filling thing I have ever eaten.  It has everything - eggs, meat, cheese - total protein overload.  When you need something to tide you over for 2 meals brunch-style definitely give this creation a try!

2 slices whole wheat bread (we used homemade honey oat)
2 eggs, cooked overeasy
1 slice old cheddar cheese
2 oz or so shaved lean smoked meat
1 tsp mayo
1 tsp hot sauce

Build the sandwich: spread mayo on the bread then add the eggs, cheese, meat and hot sauce.  Cook the whole thing in a skillet over medium heat until the bread is nice and golden and the cheese gets gooey.  Slice him in half and devour!  I promise you won't be hungry by the time you finish!

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