Saturday, April 21, 2012

Episode 94 - Polish Heaven

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I'm super excited about all of these monthly beauty subscription things  (I've already told you all about a couple of my Luxeboxes here and here).  I know they have nothing to do with food and that 99% of you could probably care less, but I just can not resist telling you about the most recent one I've signed up for.  It's pretty much the holy grail of beauty subscriptions, internet!  Julep Maven!  It's a nail polish lover's dream!

To be honest, I signed up because I had a coupon code that got me my first box for a penny.  I had every intention of canceling after that first month and just keeping my almost free polishes and laughing at a company so silly as to offer a promotion like this with no strings attached. Muhahaha silly Julep!  But alas, I got my penny box (2 polishes that retail for $14 each and some cuticle oil) and loved it so much I decided to hold off on canceling until I saw what the next month's box would be like.  When it came along I fell in love with one that too (2 more polishes, makeup bag and some pedicure cream) and never ended up canceling.  I'd say it was $19.99 well spent! I picked out my third box today and I think it's pretty safe to say I'm addicted.  Looks like Julep and their penny promotion wasn't so silly after all!

This is how it works.  Visit Julep and fill out the style quiz.  This decides which of the style profiles you'll get (I'm American Beauty).  Continue to sign up to be a maven and use the coupon code "penny" to get your first month for a penny!  A PENNY! It's basically free!  After your free box you can call them to cancel, OR you can wait it out to see what next month holds then choose to skip the month (at no charge), change style profiles or send your box to a friend as a gift.  A regular box is $19.99 a month with free shipping and usually contains about $40 worth of product.  You always get to pick which style you want to receive each month.  Signing up to be a maven also gets you a discount and free shipping on anything else you order from their store.  Can you see how this quickly gets addicting for polish lovers?!

Now here is where people who blog about things like nail polish would proceed to show you pretty pictures of their nails wearing the polish.  I, however, am just not cut out to do such things.  I tried and my swatches are just not very attractive and the color on the camera is way off and so, instead I will link to real nail people who know what they are doing!

My first box (the 1 cent intro) contained Glenn (a bold berry red shimmer), Oscar (multidimensional gold glitter) and the most amazing cuticle oil I've ever had.  I'm in love with it.  Both colors are nice and pigmented.  Glenn goes on in one coat.  Oscar can be used as a layer over something else or all on its own - 2 or 3 coats and your nail is super glittery!

My April box contained Eva (raspberry creme), Renee (lilac creme) and some pedicure cream, which actually seems to be working on my ridiculously dry Winter feet!  It also came with a free makeup bag and some toe separators.  Again, both colors are awesome and go on in one coat!

In any case, I promise this is the last mention of random beauty products on this blog ever and that I will get back to talking about things I actually know something about!  But seriously - is this not the best thing ever?!

If you're interested, you can sign up here!

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