Thursday, October 04, 2012

Episode 106 - The Internet is Weird

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One of the stats that gets collected about my blog is the key words people typed into their search engine to find me.  Most of the results are pretty tame, like people searching for my name, or the word deliciosity or even for a specific recipe.  Others though, are just plain weird.   'Fess up internet!  Which one of you is the one that found my blog by searching for - '"kristy lalonde" police'?  Why were you searching for such a thing?!  Also, why on earth did Google then direct you here?!  WTF?!
Is this what you were looking for?

For the person who searched for "what is the plural of apocalypse", I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful.  I hope you at least found me mildly entertaining.

1 comment:

Muffin Nails said...

LOL this is hilarious. But now I'm seriously curious about the apocalypse thing. Apocalypses? Apocalypsi? The world may never know.

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