Sunday, November 11, 2012

Episode 107 - The Incredible Disappearing Blogger!

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Oh hi!  Just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive! It seems that at this time every year I fall off the face of the internet for a few weeks.  Maybe I should start making it a scheduled thing... in any case, I'm back!  I've been busying myself with the usual things - work, Zumba, and nail polish (oh, so much nail polish!  I should really start another blog just to tell you about all of the wonderful nail polish!).  I've been cooking, but mostly just remaking a few of my favourite recipes that I've already posted on here (mostly soups) and then a few from some other really great places!  The recipe I'm suggesting today actually comes from Food Network Magazine. If you like fall comfort foods you NEED to make this.  Need.  We've made it twice this fall already and I'd probably still make it again today.

Photo stolen from Food Network Magazine.  Ours was less pretty...but every bit as delicious!
Click the title above for the recipe!

The only change we made was skipping the pancetta, just because we figured 5 slices of bacon was plenty or cured, fatty meat for us.  It works out fine this way.  

In other news, Dawson left today to go hunting (with his barber.?!..for reals!) until Wednesday so, it's just me and the animals until then.  Hopefully nothing goes horribly wrong while he's gone.  Have you ever noticed that there are just a few things around the house that are definite "man jobs"?  These are the reasons women need men around...or sorry, not "need", but enjoy having men around. Don't send me any feminist hate mail, mmkay? Some good examples are cleaning the hair clogs out of the shower drain (I gag just thinking about this), taking out the garbage, killing spiders and anything having to do with plumbing.  Because I'm spoiled vacuuming and scraping the frost off of car windows have also been designated "man jobs" in our house.  Here's hoping the pets stop shedding until he gets home...and that my car will fit in the garage.  I don't think "Sorry I can't come to work because my windows are frosty and there's no one here to scrape them" will fly as an excuse at work...

Now finally, this is completely unrelated but I'm putting it here anyway because it's just so darn pretty - my nails with some petty new polishes I got this week - A England's Tristam and St. George.  Do you own these?  You need to own these.  

I'm a sucker for a gradient manicure!
So that's all folks!  Hopefully I'll be around more frequently from now on!  

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