Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Episode 108 - Lonely Food

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I've decided I suck at being alone.  I find the house too quiet, the bed too big and everything too...empty!  How I ever lived alone years ago I don't know.  I guess Dawson has spoiled me... *sigh*
So, today is my last night alone in the house and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to curl up in some sweats around a delicious bowl of comfort food and, oh, boy, was this ever good!

Gnocchi Carbonara for 1

1-2 slices of bacon (depending on how indulgent you feel like being)
1/2 package Gnocchi (about 1.5 cups or so)
1 egg, separated
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese
pepper, to taste

First, slice up your bacon and cook it up in a frying pan.  While the bacon cooks, prepare your gnocchi according to the package directions.  When the bacon and gnocchi are cooked, drain most of the bacon fat out of the pan and toss in your gnocchi and cheese.  Now, add the egg white and quickly toss everything around while it cooks.  It's gonna look really weird and kinda lumpy, but I promise it's going to work.  Finally, put everything in a bowl, top with the egg yolk and stir to coat everything in yolk-y goodness.  Season with pepper and you're ready to go!  Be prepared - you may never want to eat anything else ever again!

Ohmigod, so good!  Not even sort of healthy, but worth it.  Also, I had Brussels sprouts with this, so I feel like that kinda balances everything out... plus...check out my sad, lonely face:

Don't I just look like I need a bowl of egg-y, bacon-y goodness?  I think so.

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