Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Year (almost) in Review

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Oh haaiiii!  Remember me?  I'm still alive! I didn't actually tear out my hair after that last post...I do plan to get back to writing recipes and posting them along with silly stories about my life, and this place will soon be getting a bit of a face lift.  In the meantime, let us catch up on the past year, shall we?

First there was some of this:
Oh Christmas tree!
And I was pretty bored, so there was a lot of this:
So many polishes!
And then we did some of this:
In Cuba!
Which is where this happened:
I said yes!
Once we got home, we sent out this:
Why wait?  Let's do this!

Which led to parties like this:
Meet Franko!
And then eventually this:
Oh, look at the happy!

Not a bad year, right?  See you soon with some more regular updates :)


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