Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Day 1 - Chicken Enchilada Pasta

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Hello Internet!
Here we are at the first day of the Pinterest Challenge!  Wee!  Today we made Chicken Enchilada Pasta, which I have pinned here.  The link I have pinned takes me to some site with the ingredients listed but not the original source of the recipe, which is here (on what looks to be an awesome blog with a ton of amazing looking food btw).
Here's how it turned out!
Spicy cheesy goodness!
We made a few substitutions/additions because I can never just do what I'm told:
1) We used a tsp of chili powder in the sauce in place of the tbsp (ours is crazy spicy)
2) Used whole wheat penne in place of regular for added fibre
3) Used chicken thighs in place of breasts because we generally like them better and I'm cheap.
4) Added a small yellow and orange pepper for added veggie deliciousness
5) Used cheddar cheese in place of monterey jack because we already had it in the house and I was too cheap to buy more cheese.
6) We stuck the whole skillet in the oven at 350 for 5 mins to melt the cheese.

Here's how we rank this bad boy:
Taste: A-.  It was pretty good! We both enjoyed it and are having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I do think it would have been lacking without the veggies though.  In fact, if I were to make it again I would add even more veggies and maybe some black beans and probably reduce or completely eliminate the of chicken.
Cost: A-.  This was decently budget friendly.  The chicken and cheese are the only expensive ingredients here.
Nutrition: B.  As it's written, this recipe was severely lacking in veggie goodness and using regular pasta is just a missed opportunity for fibre!
Simplicity: B.  The recipe is pretty simple and was relatively quick.  My only complaint is that the order the steps are written in makes the timing of this recipe a little wonky.  In my opinions step 1 should have been to make the sauce, step 2 to boil you pasta and step 3 to cook everything else.  As it's written, the chicken is cooked well before anything else is ready to go and there's a lot of down time.
Overall: B+

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