Monday, October 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Day 2 - Brazilian Shrimp Soup

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Hello!  Tonight we're cooking Brazilian Shrimp Soup, which I have pinned here.  It appears to be from Food and Wine Magazine and is promised to be "tested until perfect".  It also gives a suggested wine paring that we did not try...because it's Monday and we have jobs to go to tomorrow.  Here's how we did:
Soup is so unphotogenic...

Our substitutions for tonight:
1) We used red lentils in place of rice because we only had brown rice in the house and it was late and we didn't want to wait the 45 mins for it to cook.
2) Red and Orange peppers in place of green because that's what we had and I was too cheap (are you sensing A trend here?) to buy more.

Here's how we rank this one:
Taste: B-.  This was good but kinda boring.  It needed some jazzing up - I doused mine in siracha and Dawson dipped pepperoni sticks in his.  I think next time I'd use chicken broth in place of water to add more flavour. 
Cost: A-.  Soups go a long way!  We usually get at least 4 or 5 servings out of a pot.  This one loses the tiniest of points because shrimp can get expensive.
Nutrition: A. I love soups because it's so easy to throw a ton of veggies in there. The soup is also kind of awesome since it has 3 food groups all included (assuming you use the rice like you're supposed to) which makes it nicely balanced!  The only downfall is all of the saturated fat from the coconut milk, but really, overall this is pretty good. 
Simplicity:  A.  This is just about as easy as they come.  Chop some stuff, throw it in a pot and voila!
Overall: B.

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