Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Day 3 - Pigs in Ponchos

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...or a series of small failures.

So...if you cross-reference this post with my original "intro to the challenge" post you will see that this is not what we originally intended to make today.  We intended to make mushroom risotto, but that plan was quickly derailed when we discovered that I forgot to buy the Parmesan cheese...oops.
This was failure # 1.
Failure #2 came when we decided to try tomorrow's recipe today (Pigs in Ponchos pinned here), got started and then realized that Dawson had already eaten the cheddar cheese I had intended to use for this recipe.  Again...oops. Apparently today is not our day when it comes to cheese.
Failure #3 came after a trip to the grocery store when we actually tried to make this recipe and it was a complete mess...a fiery mess.

I chose this recipe because it wasn't something I wouldn't normally make.  I figured it would be something different and fun...not so much. Here's how we made out.
Brace yourselves, I didn't even bother trying to make this one look attractive...

1) Regular salsa because I couldn't find salsa verde
2) Whole wheat tortillas in place of regular
3) Of the mustard options presented, we went with the honey mustard

Here's how we rank this one:
Taste: C+. Meh.  It was a hot dog wrapped in kind of a weird combination of stuff and I wasn't really all that excited about it.  Dawson thought it was "okay" but did think the honey mustard was a little weird.
Cost: A-.  This is relatively inexpensive, other than the cheese.  
Nutrition: D.  It's no secret that hot dogs are not exactly a health food.  Combine that with 2 non-whole wheat wraps, a bunch of cheese and almost no veggies and this is really pretty junky. If it were tastier it might be worth it...
Simplicity:  D.  These were messy, way too big, and a lot more work than I feel like hot dogs should be...plus they caught on fire, yes,...on fire, when we attempted to grill them. Not so awesome.  I have no desire to make these again.
Overall: D.

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