Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Episode 47 - Kristy doing stuff

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Ooo I have a day off! Lets tell the internet what I did!

Was woken up at 7 by Dawson reminding me I had an optometrist appointment.  Grudgingly got out of bed and had breakfast - toast with crunchy peanut butter and marmalade.  Normally I would have had sliced banana but we were out and I had such a huge jar of marmalade left over after making this (which is delicious BTW) that I figured I might as well use it up.  Showered, dressed and otherwise prepared to enter the world.

Attended appointment and was told I still have 20-20 vision.  Amazing.  Was then given eye drops to inspect "the health of my eyes".  Promptly became lightheaded, almost passed out and had to lie down.  Wow.  I am cool.  Attempted eye health inspection a second time after cold sweats subsided - faint-y feelings return.  Had to lie down a second time.  Eye exam declared over.

Walked to Walmart to purchase a new camera.  Did I tell you my old one (which was a piece of junk anyway) was a casualty of our very damp exit from Algonquin Park last week?  It was.  Zero functionality.  In any case, waited 15 minutes for them to finally tell me the model I had decided on was sold out.  Wandered Walmart aimlessly for 2 hours (!).  Left with new nail polish ( Essie Sew Psyched) and some grey tights that were on clearance.  Almost left with a super cute pair of beige suede ankle boots too (only $25!!) but then ended up putting them back reasoning that if I didn't buy them I could allow myself to spend $25 more on the knee-high riding boots I really want.  Plus how long are $25 beige suede boots really going to say pretty and beige anyway?  Probably a good decision in the end.

Home. Purchased 5 clear screen protectors for my new phone (Did I tell you my phone also died? Not due to a soggy canoe trip but just because it sucked.  Don't ever buy a used Blackberry online.  It will probably suck) on Ebay for 98 cents.  98 cents!! Thank you very much phone kiosk guy in Bayshore who told me to look there!  Painted nails then wasted an exorbitant amount of time looking at things that I can't afford on the J. Crew website (Why do I suddenly feel like I need this?) then decided it was time for lunch.

Mmm coffee.
Walked into town to dine at one of my favourite lunch spots The Good Food Company  Spent 75% walk admiring new nail polish color in the sun and the other 25% berating myself for the crappy paint job.  Saw a really random Japanese tour group (in CP?!) checking out the "sites". Ordered an iced latte and the deli salad combo plate.  Realized having lunch alone feels oddly but wonderfully indulgent.  Made a mental note to do it again.  Left restaurant stuffed full of goodness.
Pita, hummus, couscous and grilled veggie salad,
potato and asparagus salad
Walked to library to get new reading material.  The library is totally underrated!  It's full of awesome books and they just give them to you to read.  For free!  WTF?  How does a place like that even function?  In any case, checked out an embarrassing book since, hey...it was free and I only have another 2 weeks before my free time dwindles to nothing.

Walked home, saw strange Japanese tour group again - this time getting their pictures taken with an officer and a cruiser in the parking lot of the police station (WTF?).
Creeper photo taken over my shoulder while walking away so as to not look conspicuous...
Got home, bummed around until Dawson got home from work ('cause one of us has to work for a living) then took the Roxie dog out for a nice long walk.  Nothing of consequence happened on the walk so I'll just skip to the part where we got home and made ourselves a delicious dinner of Thai-incredible-ness.  This sauce over a chicken, red pepper, snow pea and onion stirfry.  Mmm spicy peanut-y creaminess. Dawson would also like me to mention that the stir fry contained rice.

Now to retire to my fat pants and curl up with my trashy book for the night. Ahhhh days off you need to be more plentiful.

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