Saturday, November 12, 2011

Episode 72 - 14 Things

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Oh, hello there internet friends!  Long time no see!  It's been a busy two weeks since Halloween!

14 Things That Have Happened in the Last 14 Days

1) I went for my first ever grown-up job interview for the most perfect of dietitian jobs.  It went well, even though my sock bun (that I learned about on Pinterest!), which was supposed to have the effect of making me look professional and put-together, fell out to expose the sock on my head, making me look disheveled and weird.

2) I was called the next day with the job offer!  Yes!  As of December 19th I am gainfully employed as an actual dietitian!  Most!  Exciting! Phone Call! Ever!  Bills will be paid, a house will be bought and Dawson and I will spend our Sunday's lounging just like I wanted! Sometimes my luck astounds even me.

3) I went on my first ever business trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Unpaid still, of course, seeing as I am still just the poor sucker intern. It was ...cold...and far less pretty than the Thunder Bay of my imagination.  I've decided one should only ever visit Northern Ontario a) between the months of May and August and b) with the intention of avoiding any major city and spending your time hiking, camping and being otherwise outdoors-y. 

4) Related to #3 - I took my first flight on a propeller plane! This was kinda fun actually.  Check out my view!

5) I submitted (with much relief) my notice that I will be dropping 3 out of my 6 Zumba classes I teach every week.  My muscles are thanking me already.  Maybe now I'll have time to run again!  Oh, how I miss my runs with the dog.

6) Dawson and I test drove a car! With the new job beginning in the opposite end of the city from Dawson's job we figured it was high time we bit the bullet and bought a second car.  I spent Friday afternoon shopping for car insurance.  Look at me!  Doing grown up things!  Who knew?

7) We inherited a china cabinet.  We don't own any china.  On a related note, I am accepting suggestions for things other than china to display in china cabinets. What is the point of china exactly?  Better yet, what IS china?  Is it just fancy dishes?  Would it be weird to just display our regular dishes? Please weigh in.

Are you still reading?!  Wow, you're as bored as I am!

8) I went shopping for a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding next summer.  Dress shopping is fun!  You get fawned over and pinned and clipped and shaped.  Plus you get to stand up on a pedestal and have everyone "ooo" and "awww" at you.  In case you are interested, I will be wearing this, in solid black and shortened to mid-calf length.  It needs to be shortened because a) I will probably trip and kill myself dancing in a floor length dress and b) to show off the incredible glitter shoes I will be wearing.  Which brings me to...

9) I am making incredible glitter shoes.  I imagine they will look just like this when they are completed.  Pictures will be posted.

10) We (read: I) decided we wanted to send out super cute mushy Christmas cards to our friends and family this year, so we broke out the Christmas lights, plopped ourselves in front of the camera and self-timed some cute shots.  The cards were delivered last week and they are everything I hoped they'd be - vomit inducingly adorable. I'll scan one closer to Christmas and you can all get a virtual holiday greeting from us!

11) I started my Christmas shopping!  I plan to be finished before December 1st so as to avoid having to set foot in a mall during the chaos that is the Christmas season.  My five horrendous years of retail experience have taught me well.  You could not pay me enough to visit a mall on Boxing Day ever ever again.

12) I got banned from laundry duty.  Yep.  Banned....due to incompetence.  I am the worst housewife ever.  I heard somewhere that you could wash Uggs and that they would come out looking good as new, which they totally do, by the way, but I felt it to be wasteful to do a whole load with nothing but some boots in it.  Now, a person who is good at laundry might have taken a second to think and then filled the rest of the load with nice dark colors.  I, on the other hand just tossed in whatever was lying around.  Results - things that were previously white came tie-dyed with brown splotches.  Great.  Thinking myself brilliant, I decided to fix said problem with a little bleach.  The bleach worked...a little too well.  A drop somehow spilled on my Lululemon sweater leaving a nice orange splotch on the arm.  Ugh. Hence, Kristy is now banned from doing laundry.

13) We visited the new Valley BBQ on highway 7 in CP, which is something I highly recommend you all do asap btw, and had my first taste of buffalo, or buffa-loaf as the menu called it.  Delicious.    

14) During all of this chaos, one thing I haven't done much of is cook!  I'm pretty sure I've been living off of junk and take-out!  *gasp*  More recipes coming soon...I promise!

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